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Insuring your quad bike

Unlike life insurance (try quad bike insurance can be difficult to get. The quad bike segment of the insurance market is mainly served by specialty insurers; many traditional insurers don't extend cover to quad bikes at all. Even specialty insurers have age limits many refuse to offer cover to 17-year-olds and some require a minimum age of 21 before they'll offer a quote. It's necessary to hold a full car licence, we do not know of any insurers who will accept provisional drivers; and It can also be expensive, if you go to the wrong insurer! The primary consideration is how the bike will be used. If drivers want to use standard roads, they need to have third party cover.

Types of Quad Bikes

Part of the difficulty of quad bikes is that there are many types, used for different purposes. Some quads are used for work to transport golf clubs across a course, for example. These have little in common with leisure quads generally light and fast and used for fun. There are quads used in competitive sports, quads meant for juniors, buggies, and so on. Within these categories, insurers also consider whether the quad is road-legal and will be driven in traffic or if it will be used purely for off-road driving. Premiums can vary widely. This is where specialised insurers are quite helpful their expertise allows them to offer the right type of cover.

Types of Cover

Third party only, third party theft and fire, and comprehensive insurance are all available for quad bikes. Comprehensive cover is generally reserved for road-legal bikes, especially for drivers who commute. Comprehensive cover can cost several hundred pounds more than third party theft and fire. Third party only is the cheapest type of cover. There are also various types of optional cover: personal injury, breakdown, legal expense, accessories, and so on. If one's quad has modifications, riders need to disclose them; neglecting to do so can invalidate the policy.

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Off-road Cover

Off-road only cover is cheaper than road-legal cover because it doesn't necessarily include third party. These traditional insurance policies cover theft and fire for sport, utility, leisure, and junior quads. Bikes are insured for home use as well as use at racetracks and practice grounds. Policies may also cover transit to and from these locations, but driving on roads requires third party cover; they can also include on-road mileage limits. Some policies include cover for accessories like one's helmet or tools, up to a certain limit.


Quad bikes are common targets for theft, so insurers often insist on security measures like a ground anchor with chain and lock. To get further discounts on premiums, drivers should keep their quads stored in a locked garage. Insurer-approved alarms and tracking devices often lower premiums. Drivers can also build up and protect their bike no claims bonus. Finally, some quad organisations get discounts for their members, so drivers should check.

Finding a Good Deal

Quad bike insurance is offered by a few specialty insurers. It is difficult to get quotes online and most companies prefer you to ring them; In this, quad bike insurance is somewhat behind the rest of the insurance industry, which uses internet quote engines extensively; but then quad insurance is so much more complicated than normal bike or car insurance so you really need to discuss it with an experienced broker to make sure that you get the cover you need at the right price; often they can get cheaper prices that you can get from an online quote because they can talk directly with the underwriters. Like all other insurance, the cheapest quad bike policy is not always the best; drivers should choose by value.


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