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Today quad bikes are classified into two markets. The sport and utility markets have different characteristics in their models. The sport utility quad bike is generally a two wheel drive vehicle that is light and small. They must also have a manual transmission and accelerate quickly. They also can run up to speeds of 176.55 km/h. The utility vehicles are normally four wheel drive vehicles and can run up to around 116.37 km/h. They are normally used to haul or pull things and there can be different types used depending on the terrain. There are also six wheel models which basically act like a small dump truck.

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The racing models of quad bikes can be used for things such as motocross, desert racing, speedway racing and more. There are many existing quad racing clubs with quad cross and enduro sections. Enduro is an off road competition which includes obstacles and challenges.

There are three models for these quad bikes. One being an off road quad, another being a road legal quad, and the third being the utility quad. The off road type of quad bikes now resemble a dirt bike with four wheels. The road legal quad bikes resemble motorcycles with four wheels and the utility bikes, like the market itself, are used to perform some form of work. A quad bike can be both road legal and utility vehicle.

There are many quad bikes available from the early Honda's to the new Yamaha's and Suzuki's, but some are just more special than others. When it comes to freaky, you have to give the award to Vipin George who was the designer of the M.S.Q.T.O. This quad looks just like a mosquito from the front and has a high seat and sleek build. There are custom made models and other models like the M.S.Q.T.O. that have been produced without the basic looks of your normal quad, but whatever type of quad you get a chance to ride, it will supply you hours of fun and a thrilling adventure filled day.

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